Get to know us

Starting out in 2018, this admin team started the Fusion PVP and PVE ARK Clusters. The cluster ran strong for three years when we decided to hand it over and move on to other games. My name is Warfuse and everytime I am interested in getting back into ARK I can never find the right server for me. There seems to always be a setting or a group of settings that just change the balance of Ark too much for me to enjoy my time there. The reality is I don't have enough time to play the game I love these days, so I decided to create my vision of the ideal cluster and provide a fun atmosphere for my community to enjoy!

Our mission

Our mission is to create a never wipe, boosted, yet balanced cluster that will survive the road map of Ark: ASA.

Our vision

With a system of adding new maps as they release and multiple new servers over a period of time, our vision is that we will create a formula that will keep the population growing at a rate that outweighs those who have been defeated or have quit.

Our team






ADMIN (English/French)