Many systems are required to run a successful "No-Wipe Cluster". Here are some of the exclusive systems that we use here at AJG-ARK.COM PVP Cluster.

Starter Kit System

Starter kits can be redeemed by pressing F3, X (xbox, and square on the PS5 on our admin server. They are available up until level 20. After level 20 if you feel you need a starter kit don't hesitate to ask for one by opening up a ticket on discord and requesting one.

Admin Protection Grace Period

We offer all tribes who are new or have just been raided to receive a 7-14 day protection grace period where they can build without the threat of being raided. All tribes are entitled to a free 7 day grace. An extra week can be added anytime during your grace with a purchase from our online store.

AJG-ARK Unique Economy

Our cluster has 5 unique currencies. Players are able to acquire in-game Berry Bush Seeds by defeating boss battles, looting rare drops and defeating alpha dinos. Seeds are then traded up for coins that can be used in automated shops and casino games and more.

Admin Sanctuary Server

Our admin sanctuary server is the main hub of our entire cluster. Here holds our stores, casinos, events and tribe lockers.

Tribe Lockers

Every tribe that plays on our cluster is recommended to sign up with the admin team and receive a tribe locker. The tribe locker consists of a small room that holds a metal vault, bookshelf and a cryofridge. Tribes are encouraged to keep all of their most important items, bps, and dino breeds in this locker so that if they are wiped, their existence is preserved on the cluster.

Alpha System
Our alpha system was created to give pvp players some depth to the game and also promote coexistence in our cluster. Alpha tribes are rewarded for how many active players they have playing on their home servers. This encourages alpha tribes to defend their home server and raids to be performed cross server.